2021 is over already and you’re thinking of what’s next for your business in 2022. Congratulations! This is the era of digital marketing and any business with a week online presence is bound to run into difficulties when it comes to attracting customers. However, running a successful digital marketing campaign is easier said than done especially if you’re going to be doing it yourself. 

In a nutshell, what I’m saying is that digital marketing is hard. If it’s your first time dabbling full-time into digital marketing, it’s very easy to make mistakes and these errors can cost your business greatly. It is usually what happens when businesses think they’re on the right track but end up getting bad results after carrying out some marketing techniques.

To prevent your business from going through the rigors brands with bad digital marketing strategies go through, it’s best to understand the mistakes you can make when setting up your digital marketing strategy for 2022. Here are five of them:

Lack of clarity on goals and audience

You can’t run a successful digital marketing campaign without having an audience or goals you want to achieve through that campaign. Target audience refers to who your ideal customers are.

By knowing this, you’ll be able to understand their problems, the solutions they’re likely to subscribe to and their interests. This should be the first step in your digital marketing activities. It gives you an idea on the right people to target when you’re curating your content and how what you offer can resonate with their needs. 

You should also create clear, measurable goals that can point out what you should do next and if your campaign was a failure or success. In order to do all of that, a business development strategy plan needs to be executed properly.

Not documenting the strategy

Now that your target audience and goal have been established, it’s time to carefully map out the important details in the strategies you’re going to be undertaking. Even though your team understands what’s to be done, you’ll still need to put it down into writing.

Studies have shown that the chance of a digital marketing strategy succeeding becomes higher by documenting it.

Ignoring SEO

These days, all everyone is talking is search engine optimization and for good reason. It’s a premium digital marketing strategy used by brands to increase online visibility through Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Of course, I understand that the term SEO sounds a little technical but it’s nothing to worry about. In fact, I believe anyone can do it even if you’re just a beginner when it comes to creating digital marketing strategies.

As a business, make sure that your website (if you have one) is fully optimized for search engines by conducting an in-depth SEO audit.

Not providing quality content

Content is king! That’s a simple fact that’s not going anywhere. No one will follow or subscribe to your brand’s digital platforms unless your content is useful to them.

As a result, you need to spend some time on understanding what your audience wants to see and investing more resources in it.

Focusing too much on social media

Social media marketing is an important form of digital marketing. There’s no doubt about that but focusing on social media marketing can cause more harm than good for your business.

The key here is to understand your audience. Do they spend that much time on social media and if they do, what social media platforms do they use the most.

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